Hospitality Wi-Fi—More Essential than TV or Eggs?

37c647e-1 Scott Heinlein June 28, 2017

In the hospitality sector, Wi-Fi for guests is no longer a luxury but a necessity. When guest Wi-Fi connections drop, so will your overall guest satisfaction score. A recent survey by Reaseach+Data Insights reveals that in-room hospitality Wi-Fi is more important than location, parking, and even a free breakfast. According to Hospitality Technology, fast, reliable Wi-Fi is so desirable that an estimated 80% of guests won’t return to a hotel that delivers a bad technology experience. I’ve spent the past two weeks in Europe in six different hotels. The Wi-Fi experience

ranged from great to terrible. Three of the six hotels were great (two of them were Ruckus networks!).  These Wi-Fi experiences made it easy to get on line with fast, reliable performance.  In addition, the Wi-Fi coverage was excellent throughout the hotel property.  The other three hotels were not as good. Two hotels had so-so Wi-Fi—the service would drop occasionally, or it wasn’t available throughout the entire hotel. The third hotel would have been better off not offering Wi-Fi at all, as it was unusable anyway. Even though this is obviously a small sample, I think my experience is representative of what most people experience while traveling. Ruckus understands the importance of providing fast, reliable Wi-Fi to hotel guests.  We are committed to working with customers to ensure their hotel guests have a great Wi-Fi experience. That’s why we’ve invested in products specifically designed for the hospitality market. That’s also why our customers love us. Don’t take it from me though—here’s what our customers in the hospitality industry are saying about Ruckus: In today’s competitive hospitality environment, our guests rely on fast and reliable Wi-Fi. Ruckus Wi-Fi has proven over time to be the most reliable and highest performing solution for our guests. Our properties that have Ruckus are top performers in guest satisfaction, outperforming those with other solutions. Ruckus is our go-to Wi-Fi solution!,” Jason Greene, Information Technology Officer, Maine Course Hospitality Group  “We chose Ruckus because of its outstanding performance in Wi-Fi coverage, reliable connections, ability to support the increasing number of devices and the professional team. Great Wi-Fi service is very important to our hotel and guests, and we trust the Ruckus Wi-Fi solution to deliver a superior guest experience.”  Jason Lee, Group Director of Information Technology, Regent Hotels and Resorts It’s not possible to satisfy guests if they don’t have a great Wi-Fi experience. This is the reason we installed a Ruckus H500 in every room as our hotel was being built in 2016. The result has been excellent. To this date, the Ruckus Wi-Fi has performed flawlessly, and we have not received any customer complaints regarding connections or network speed. Installing an access point in every room might include a more costly investment upfront, but the payoff has been worth it.” Shelly Cieslak, General Manager, Courtyard by Marriott Ruckus is at HITEC in Toronto!  To learn more about how we can improve your customers’ Wi-Fi experience and boost your guest satisfaction scores, visit our event web site and request a meeting, or stop by at booth 1829.    

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