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0a76ce2-1 Dan Rabinovitsj June 13, 2017
Are you prepared for a transformation of your network edge? We are. For a long time, we’ve been laser-focused on providing better wireless networking to businesses across multiple sectors—from education and hospitality to service providers and urban centers. As I mentioned in February, our acquisition by Brocade has enabled us to expand our portfolio to include a family of wired switches that complement our wireless technologies so that we can provide our customers and partners with a complete line of high-performance access infrastructure. And as we prepare for our next transition, the time is right for us to make it official: today we formally announced that Ruckus is more than just wireless—we provide network access infrastructure, both wired and wireless. With this comes a laser focus on two things: better network performance, and better connected experiences for you, our customers and partners. Take, for example, our new multi-gig solution. With the ever-increasing number of mobile devices and throughput-hungry video, voice and cloud applications, “the network sucks” is uttered all too often. Users want to get access, and IT managers want a network infrastructure that scales, is reliable and easy-to-manage. Ruckus can make this reality. We provide a simply better wireless and wired solution—uncompromised multi-gigabit network access and performance that deliver on today’s requirements at an affordable price. Best of all, Ruckus wired and wireless solutions benefit everyone. Users enjoy better connections to applications and services, no matter how challenging the environment, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Partners and business leaders can confidently deliver an awesome experience to customers, guests and visitors. And IT gets a respite, thanks to our simplified network set-up and management, enhanced security, minimal troubleshooting and easy upgrades. Another example is the recent launch of SmartZone OS 3.5. With more than 30 new features and enhancements, SmartZone OS 3.5 makes it easier than ever for IT to improve the end-user experience and to better align security and policy posture with a diverse user device constituency. New capabilities also enable enterprises and managed service providers to easily and securely implement complex network architectures and multi-tier business models. The integration of wired and wireless technologies and expertise under Ruckus is a move that has me beyond excited about the future. Here’s to a long and happy union!


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Dan Rabinovitsj

Dan Rabinovitsj is the COO of the Ruckus Business Unit of Brocade. He has a passion for wireless technology, Smart Cities, connecting the unconnected and spectrum policy.