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dennis Dennis Huang April 11, 2017

Operators, ISP, and Enterprises Must Deliver More 

With the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), mobility and connectivity have become a way of life for everyone—from globe-trotting professionals to tech-savvy consumers. Today’s Wi-Fi users are demanding an always-on quality of service and won’t settle for anything less. Meet the SmartZone family of physical and virtual wireless LAN (WLAN) controllers from Ruckus Wireless. Powered by the SmartZone OS, SmartZone WLAN controllers solve the problems associated with building and expanding complex multi-site and multi-geo WLANs, and with delivering single and multi-tier managed Wi-Fi services, while doing so with lower cost and complexity.

Multi-Service and Mobile Network Operators

Operator deployment scenarios are among the most complex in the world, with some operators simultaneously delivering public access Wi-Fi, employee Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi as a managed service to their enterprise and small business customers. SmartZone WLAN controllers allow operators to address these scenarios while working within the unique constraints of the operator’s public and private networks.
  • SCALE - A single SmartZone controller, like the new SmartZone 300, can manage 10,000 Wi-Fi access points (AP), and with 3+1 clustering increase capacity to 30,000 Wi-Fi APs and 300,000 devices.
  • AVAILABILITY – Active/Active redundancy architecture allows clusters to deliver higher availability and resiliency than traditional N+1 standby.
  • MULTI-TIER MANAGED SERVICES - Multi-tenancy, domain segmentation and containerization enable secure delivery of managed WLAN services in highly-complex topologies supporting multi-tier business models.
  • ALL VIRTUAL - Virtual SmartZone (vSZ-H or vSZ-E and vSZ-D) enables IT to deploy and scale a high-performance WLAN, with no requirement for stand-alone elements.

Internet Service Providers

Internet service providers are changing how Wi-Fi has traditionally been delivered to the end-customer. By capitalizing on the latest Wi-Fi-as-a-Service (WaaS) infrastructure, service providers are creating new revenue streams while simultaneously solving customer’s problems with managing this increasingly complex network component. All SmartZone WLAN controllers enable better customer satisfaction through unique IT tools developed over years of work with the world’s largest pool of service providers.
  • EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT - Visual Connection Diagnostics speeds and simplifies troubleshooting and client problem resolution while unique “super-KPIs” enable IT to more quickly detect and react to potential user experience degradation.
  • MULTI-VARIATE, ROLE-BASED POLICIES - Ruckus Cloudpath integration lets IT create rich location, device, and user-based policy rules, enabling network segmentation based on real security and policy needs rather than on a one-size-fits-all approach.

Medium, Large, and Distributed Enterprises

The need for employees and customers to have the best user experience is driving organizations in every vertical to adopt the best possible network infrastructure. However, capital equipment budgets are tighter than ever. Every SmartZone WLAN controller provides IT departments with intuitive, visual tools to quickly react to user issues easier.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE DASHBOARD - The Dashboard is a customizable and contextually rich interface that reduces the time required to perform routine tasks such as AP configuration or monitoring actions. Configurable visual filter settings also personalize visual network alerts and WLAN statistics.
  • TROUBLESHOOTING AND MONITORING - Quickly view topology maps, AP health, cluster health, and traffic/spectrum analysis. Further, layer 7 application recognition identifies top applications among other user metrics.
  • CLIENT SECURITY - Ruckus patented Dynamic PSK™ (DPSK) enhances client security by automating randomized passphrase keys for use with each device.
The SmartZone product portfolio enables operators, ISPs and enterprises to better satisfy today’s Wi-Fi user demands of an always-on digital experience. Ruckus SmartZone WLAN controllers and Wi-Fi access points enable our customers to deliver high-performance, always-on wireless services at significantly lower cost and complexity than conventional alternatives. The larger Ruckus product portfolio additionally includes switching, secure and automated device enablement, location based services, in-building LTE solutions, and more. Want to learn more? Visit Ruckus at SmartZone.  

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