Time to Use Your Structured Cabling to Deploy In-Building Wireless?

Nestor-Salvado-6-29-15--thumb Nestor Salvado November 29, 2017

IBW-office-compThere are two major truths in modern life: time never stops for anyone and the technology evolution doesn’t stop either. For a long time, distributed antenna systems (DAS) were deployed with coaxial cable as the physical media to transport RF signals. Additionally, and also for a long time, the RF signals were transported through the DAS in analog form, even years after the world had become digital.

A few years ago, CommScope launched a digital DAS platform based on structured cabling, called the ION-E. We did not stop the clock, but we finally gave the DAS industry the technological step forward that was long outstanding. A digital DAS over a common enterprise infrastructure, ION-E brings the ease of deployment through structured cabling and a range of features and system flexibility not possible with analog DAS systems.

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Last month, CommScope took another step forward in the development of enterprise-friendly in-building wireless solutions. We announced the launch of a new PartnerPro Network authorization, the IBW Sales Specialist. This authorization was developed for existing SYSTIMAX or UNIPRISE installation partners who want to deploy DAS for their customers. The goal of the IBW Sales Specialist authorization is to address the need for wireless coverage and capacity solutions of customers before they face a problem.

The IBW Sales Specialists’ strong expertise in structured cabling, together with IBW training, enables them to install the ION-E infrastructure and equipment. CommScope has also developed an ecosystem to enable the IBW Sales Specialists to perform the necessary RF tasks and operator agreements.

Great products require key strategic partners to deploy them, partners who understand the ecosystem. The CommScope PartnerPro IBW Sales Specialists are here to bring our customers skilled and trusted partners for their IBW needs. The clock keeps ticking and our IBW technology and ecosystem keeps evolving. Are you ready to use your structured cabling to deploy in-building wireless?

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Nestor Salvado

Nestor Salvado is sales director for Global Partners, In-Building Wireless at CommScope, having previously served as an in-building wireless regional technical manager and director of business development for the company. Nestor has nearly 20 years of wireless industry experience in various technical and customer support roles. He joined CommScope in 2010 after working for Nokia, and later Nokia Siemens Networks, for 12 years. Nestor holds an MBA from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and an MSEE from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. Nestor has enjoyed meeting customers across the globe, conducting business mainly in Europe, Japan and the Americas.