What, No Wi-Fi !%#&?

Avatar_NewDog Ruckus June 12, 2017

What Would You Do Without Wi-Fi?

At first, you start pacing and fidgeting. You don’t know what to do with yourself. Then you begin to feel lost, helpless and disconnected from the world. You may even break into a sweat and have panic attacks. Yikes! You’ve just been unplugged. Your Internet connection is down. How long can you survive without it? In our constantly connected digital world, many of us feel that we just can’t function without Wi-Fi. We rely on Wi-Fi when we work remotely, when we use social media to stay in touch with people and when we conduct online transactions. It’s hard to imagine life without it, even if you were around before the Internet came into being. Alternatively, perhaps your life is such that staying connected isn’t a big concern at all—you’re off the grid, you work outdoors or you simply prefer to live in the moment. According to the World Economic Forum, 4 billion people live without Internet access, and, somehow, they manage. If you find yourself in a situation where reliable Wi-Fi isn’t available for a while, what would you do? Here are a few ideas:
  • Read a book: Go to your local library or bookstore and read the printed page
  • Do some housekeeping: Organize your workspace, clean your home, rearrange the furniture and do some redecorating
  • Socialize in person: Invite friends over and make dinner together, play board games, have a jam session or engage in a satisfying conversation
  • Go out on the town: Visit a museum, go out dancing, watch a movie at a real theatre or go shopping
  • Get moving: Take a walk out in nature or go to the gym to work off some steam and burn some calories.
  • Begin an artistic endeavor: Draw or paint, photograph natural beauty, practice an instrument or write a poem
Of course, under many circumstances, access to Wi-Fi is necessary, so you probably couldn’t live without it for very long, especially if you:
  • Depend on email and the Internet for your livelihood
  • Are a student and need to access online classes or use the Internet for research
  • Need to purchase certain items online because you can’t get them locally
  • Have limited physical mobility and rely on Wi-Fi to connect with health resources, family members and essential services
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How Long Would You Survive Without Wi-Fi?

Find out how long you would survive without Wi-Fi. One day? One week? One month? Or perhaps you would do just fine without it—forever. Take our quiz below:
  1. When you take a four-hour flight, the duration of the time in air is spent:
    1. Reading a book
    2. Logging in to the provided Wi-Fi to catch up on work, browse the internet and check your social feeds
    3. Watching a movie saved on your electronic device
    4. Sleeping
  1. Your friends arranged a weekend camping trip! The first thing you do upon arrival is:
    1. Find the nearest hotspot connection so you can update your Facebook and Instagram with that campfire photo you just took
    2. Set up your tent and break out the s’mores ingredients
    3. Text your mom to let her know you arrived
    4. No thank you! I don’t camp
  1. It’s a busy work day for you in the office. The bulk of your time is spent:
    1. Checking email, checking Twitter, researching stuff online. Repeat.
    2. Brainstorming new ideas. No laptops, no phones allowed.
    3. Managing social media. Wi-Fi is my blood source.
    4. Outdoors
  1. Thanksgiving, oh the time to be thankful. And also the time to get together with EVERY family member. You choose to:
    1. Avoid small talk and political conversations by staying close to your phone
    2. Disconnect from work and social news so that you can spend quality time with the family and friends you love
    3. Hang out in the kitchen so you can cook that apple pie recipe you found on your tablet.
    4. Watch football. Nothing else.
  1. When it comes to physical health, you work out consists of:
    1. Running on the treadmill or elliptical while catching up on your favorite shows
    2. Cardio, headphones and music
    3. Yoga with no electronic devices
    4. Workout videos at home
  1. It’s time to catch up on all your favorite shows. You watch them through:
    1. The TV
    2. Streaming all episodes on your computer, tablet and phone
    3. I don’t watch TV
    4. I’ll read the spoilers online the next day instead
  1. When it comes to relaxing, your ideal evening includes:
    1. Curling up on the couch with a tea/coffee and a good book
    2. Scrolling through your social feeds and catching up on celebrity news
    3. Reading the news online
    4. Watching/streaming television
  1. Love is in the air and you and your significant other decided to make things exclusive. First things first, you:
    1. Change your relationship status on Facebook
    2. Text your friends a screenshot of your latest conversation
    3. Go on a date with your new significant other
    4. Talk to each other all night long, repeatedly saying, “No, I love YOU more!”
  1. You’re feeling hungry. To curb your appetite, you:
    1. Order from Postmates, DoorDash, Uber Eats. You name it.
    2. Drive to the store and hand-pick your groceries
    3. Order groceries online
    4. Pick some vegetables and fruit from your garden

Your Results

Option A: You’re off the grid!
  • Wi-Fi is not a necessity to you and therefore you could go months and months without needing it. From work to your social life, you live in the moment and focus on the personal relationships you create with the people present in your life. If the world lost connection, you’d be one of the lone survivors.
Option B: Survival rate: One day
  • Wi-Fi connection is your blood source and it sits at the center of your universe. Without it, you would not be able to perform your job at work, socialize with your friends and complete any of your daily needs. You’re a social media expert and you know just about everyone’s Wi-Fi password. If the world lost connection tomorrow, you’d likely not make it out alive.
Option C: Survival rate: 7 days
  • Wi-Fi connection is not at the center of the world, but you rely on it heavily. It’s a major part of your work routine and social life. You take time to unplug but checking emails and social feeds when you wake up and go to bed is still a routine. If the world lost connection tomorrow, your remaining days on earth would be numbered.
Option D: Survival rate: One month
  • Wi-Fi is great for you. You tend to use it for work and necessities but when you get the chance, you turn it off and unplug. Social media isn’t a priority, but you’ll post to your social feeds every once in a while to give your family and friends out of town an update on your life. If you had the choice, you’d stay unconnected for long periods of time but unfortunately your job and state of living won’t let you. If the world lost connection tomorrow, you’d be able to make your way through the first month but not much longer.

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