A New Year, A New Home, and New Opportunities

joe.m Joe Muscarella January 24, 2018
“Alas, the dust has finally settled.” One of our partners said that to me just a few days after the acquisition with ARRIS was completed, and I think it accurately sums up what has been an uncertain, but ultimately exciting, whirlwind of a year. Now that the air is clearer, I’m sure you’re wondering what comes next – what does Ruckus + ARRIS mean for you, our federal partners? In short, it means new opportunities for you and your customers – opportunities for growth, to leverage new technologies, and innovation and, yes, for increased margins. Federal agencies are working double-time to deploy new, efficiency- and workforce-enhancing technology. Increasing use of mobile and BYOD initiatives are some of the hallmarks of this change and as they grow, the networks that support them will become ever more indispensable. This is the context in which we expect to see positive and consistent growth. By combining an award-winning suite of wireless products, an award-winning wired edge portfolio, and our industry-renowned Cloudpath Enrollment System, Ruckus Networks – and by extension, our partners, are poised for strong growth and customer success. Our presence in the federal space is already well grounded with an enormous install-base and 15-year history of ICX wired installations. With your help, we aim to expand on those trusted relationships to bring the easy-to-use, scalable and reliable wireless our commercial customers already love to federal agencies. We mean business too. With our experienced and dedicated federal team opening a new office in Northern Virginia and full backing from our global, multinational parent, ARRIS, we are putting in place a massive engine to drive forward our federal strategy. But the engine is only half the equation. We also need a team to make it run. That’s where you, our partners come in. You may have heard our Chief Commercial Officer Ian Whiting use the phrase “Ruckus – the Partner Networking Company;” it couldn’t be more true; Ruckus has always been a channel company and we remain committed to that relationship. Our partners – you – are the heart and soul that make Ruckus products work. Our technology combined with your market expertise, installation know-how and on-location services are what make our customers fanatical about our products. You play a vital role in delivering “simply better connections” to customers. With rapid IT and mobile growth occurring across federal agencies, the opportunities for future growth are virtually endless and I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds. To learn more about partner opportunities or join the Ruckus Ready Partner Program, please visit https://www.ruckuswireless.com/partners  

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Joe Muscarella

Federal Channel Sales Director