Turbocharge Your Guest Wi-Fi While Keeping It Simple Using Cloud Managed Wi-Fi

Rajiv-Iyer Rajiv Iyer May 17, 2018
Is it time to update your guest Wi-Fi network using cloud-managed Wi-Fi? If you are a business owner today, no matter your industry – retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, or manufacturing – your business is most likely already digital. Don’t just take my word for it – look at what your customers are doing while visiting your place of business. The typical customer routinely carries multiple devices, and chances are that while visiting your business, he or she is accessing your guest Wi-Fi to connect with friends and family, to search for information to make a purchasing decision, to do work, or to be entertained. As a business owner or IT director responsible for the Wi-Fi network, you know that customers using your guest Wi-Fi expect easy connectivity and fast, stable service.  A Wi-Fi experience that fails to meet this expectation can blemish your brand, worry your IT team, and even worse, may lead to a lost opportunity to engage the customer and possibly generate a sale. Businesses not only have to serve their main line of business but also must learn and implement a guest Wi-Fi solution that meets their customers’ needs. This can strain an already stretched IT team. If your business has multiple locations, delivering reliable guest Wi-Fi service becomes even more complex and time-consuming. Let’s flip the script on this scenario. What if I told you that you can provide a superior guest Wi-Fi experience at all locations with minimal effort on the part of your IT team? That you can easily set up a customized guest portal to promote your brand, derive actionable insights, and exceed the connectivity expectations of your customers? This is the promise of Ruckus Cloud Guest Wi-Fi – a high-performance service that provides a personalized look and feel for promoting your brand and is remarkably easy to deploy. This is thanks to the service’s highly intuitive, intent-driven, wizard-guided workflows that enable Wi-Fi administrators to spend less time on setup for both guest and internal networks. In this video, you will see how much easier it is for an admin to create a guest network with multiple login options using Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi than using Cisco Meraki. You will see that with Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, you need just six simple, wizard-guided steps to create a rich Guest Wi-Fi experience that is easily scalable for your business needs. By contrast, Cisco Meraki setup is more complex, requires more steps, and limits customers to a single authentication option per SSID.

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