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Erik-Heinrich-1 Erik Heinrich June 24, 2019

The connectivity challenges of digital learning

ISTE19 is the place to be for educators who want to make digital learning an exciting and successful part of the curriculum. There is clearly still much work to be done in this area, as 97 percent of schools are reportedly dissatisfied with their current state of digital learning. In fact, most schools have only managed to implement a curriculum that is 15 percent digital.

digital learning
Transition to Digital Learning

Perhaps not surprisingly, unreliable connectivity is frequently blamed for the slow adoption of digital learning. This is because aging network infrastructure – like older switches and wireless access points (APs) – can no longer adequately support new bandwidth-hungry applications such as 4K video, AR/VR and eSports. With digital learning rightfully taking top priority, there’s often no available capacity for leveraging the campus network for safety and security infrastructure like IP cameras, smart locks and vaping and bullying sensing solutions.

Although schools need to do more with their networks, they are often significantly limited by multiple constraints like budget and staffing concerns. This is precisely why schools need to work with partners like Ruckus (now part of CommScope via acquisition) to accelerate their digital learning journey and achieve true digital equity. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of schools across the United States effectively leverage their E-Rate grants and deploy networks in even the most challenging environments. In addition, our IoT Suite and private LTE (CBRS) portfolios are helping to support both digital learning and safety (security) infrastructure by enabling the seamless convergence of IT and OT.

For example, our multi-gigabit switches and Wi-Fi 6 APs are the ideal combinations for high-density deployment scenarios with fast and ubiquitous connectivity in large stadiums, auditoriums, and libraries. Moreover, our network technologies – which deliver better performance and higher capacity – are key to enabling bandwidth-intensive applications such as streaming 4K video, AR/VR and eSports. In fact, Lenovo chose Ruckus Networks to connect the first all-in-one (AIO), wireless VR headset classroom kit due to our proven expertise in delivering smooth and reliable multimedia content in real-time and in high-density environments. With Ruckus Networks, your network delivers the digital learning experience necessary for students to succeed in the classroom – while supporting technology that can help keep them safe and well on campus.

Visit Ruckus @ booth #1438

If you’d like to learn more about our wired and wireless network portfolio, please visit us at booth #1438 where we will be demoing several new products and solutions. Firstly, we’ll be showcasing our R750 Wi-Fi 6 AP,  a dual-band, 4x4:4 (5GHz) + 4x4:4 (2.4GHz) access point with embedded IoT radios (Bluetooth, Zigbee) and external ports for 2.5GbE and USB. Optimized for high client-density classroom environments, the R750 supports the latest WPA3 Wi-Fi security standard. We’ll also be demoing the ICX 7150-C10ZP – a 10-port compact, fanless switch with 1, 2.5, 5 and 10GbE access ports, four of which are PoE-enabled with up to an industry-best 90W. Like all Ruckus ICX switches, the ICX 7150-C10ZP can be stacked with other ICX 7150-family switches within a single wiring closet or across closets or classrooms.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll be demoing a new vaping solution. Designed in conjunction with Soter Technologies, the solution allows schools to effectively detect E-cigarette vaping across campus, including in areas such as restrooms where cameras cannot be placed. We’ve integrated Soter’s FlySense™ family of real-time sensors into the Ruckus IoT Suite, allowing alerts to be sent to a centralized IoT dashboard when vaping is detected. Using our embedded rules engine, these alerts can be set to trigger actions by other devices like a nearby hallway camera managed by the Ruckus IoT Controller.

We are looking forward to seeing you at ISTE 2019, June 23-26, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, booth #1438!

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