CommScope Innovation Center, Silicon Valley is Open for Business

0fcba23 Jeanette Lee October 3, 2019

A few weeks ago, we passed a milestone at CommScope with the first-ever innovation center for product and solution excellence in the San Francisco Bay area. Hosted in our Sunnyvale, CA office, this represents the first formal executive briefing center designed by Ruckus and showcasing its technology and solutions. As an official CommScope Innovation Center, it also establishes a major presence for CommScope in Silicon Valley.

Visitors to the Innovation Center are treated to a fully built out and functional infrastructure that showcases the best of the combined companies. The facility runs as its own standalone production network with a fully redundant ICX wired and wireless core managed by SmartZone network controllers.

Ruckus Cloudpath®, a secure device onboarding solution, is used for guest access and by the Innovation Center administrators and staff for onboarding of all other devices in the center.

Other demonstrations of technology abound within the Innovation Center including:

  • IoT demonstrations within different function domains
  • OnGo (CBRS) private LTE
  • Analytics
  • Location Tracking
  • Virtual reality classroom
  • And much more

The Innovation Center is an interactive experience that allows visitors to talk to some of the best minds in the industry as well as experience the possibilities that a world-class suite of network solutions opens.

If you are traveling in the Bay area and have time, we’d love to have you stop by and say hello.

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