Multiple Paths to Multigigabit Connectivity

Ruckus offers a range of multigigabit switch solutions that provide customers a choice of how to choose their level of investment in the technology.

We recently announced the expansion of our multigigabit portfolio with the addition of the new R750 Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) access point (AP) and ICX 7150-C10ZP multigigabit switch. More specifically, the R750 is a dual-band, 4x4:4 (5GHz) + 4x4:4 (2.4GHz) AP with embedded IoT radios (Bluetooth® Low Energy, Zigbee) and 2.5GbE support. In addition, the R750 is optimized for high client-density environments and supports the latest WPA3 Wi-Fi security standard.




As we’ve previously discussed on The Ruckus Room, the migration to Wi-Fi 6 is driving companies to upgrade their network infrastructure to support multigigabit infrastructure. As with all new technology, the initial multigigabit switches to hit the market were high-priced entries targeting early adopters. The technology has matured and sales shipments of Wi-Fi 6 APs have begun to ramp, though multigigabit switch options have been slower to expand.  

Ruckus Networks (now part of CommScope) is pleased to be leading the charge by offering a range of multigigabit switch options that offer customers a choice of how they want to “dip their toes” into multigigabit and choose their level of investment. With our most recent announcement, Ruckus now offers:


  • High-performance Multigigabit


The ICX 7650-48ZP features 2.5/5/10 GbE access ports paired with 100 GbE uplinks to deliver top-of-line performance for high-density Wi-Fi 6 deployments where performance is essential. The switch provides customers the performance and capacity that they’ll need for the next 7-10 years.


  • Affordable Multigigabit


The ICX 7150-48ZP offers 1/2.5 GbE access ports for most Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 deployments. Based on our entry-level switch series, it delivers more than double the performance of gigabit switches at a surprisingly affordable price. 


  • Mini-Multigigabit


The ICX 7150-C10ZP features multigigabit access ports (both 2.5/5/10 GbE and 1/2.5 GbE) in a small form factor that’s fanless for silent operation. Four ports are PoE-enabled with up to an industry-best 90W. Like all Ruckus ICX switches, the ICX 7150-C10ZP can be stacked with other ICX 7150-family switches within a single wiring closet or across closets or classrooms. This switch is ideal for deployments where only a few multigigabit ports are needed. See my companion blog about uses for this compact multigigabit switch.


What’s the right switch for you? The flowchart below can help you decide.




You can also check out the Ruckus Switch Finder and filter our portfolio based on the key features you need.



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