Taking a Closer Look at CommScope’s HELIAX M-LOC Cluster Connector Technology

In this blog, Omar Parimbelli explains how CommScope's HELIAX M-LOC cluster connector technology simplifies 5G antenna-radio connections.

19_cluster_connector_antenna_ektronMating each radio port to its associated antenna port—while suspended atop a tower—is becoming more complex, and risky. Cluster connectors, which connect multiple ports simultaneously, have managed to address some of these issues. However, the rapid increase of port counts demands a new generation cluster connector system that is tool-less, assures higher mating accuracy in antenna-radio connections—especially critical in 4T4R and 8T8R MIMO configurations, and delivers excellent electrical performance for both TDD and FDD.

CLICK TO TWEET: CommScope’s Omar Parimbelli showcases the benefits of the HELIAX M-Loc cluster connector and how it simplifies 5G antenna connections.

In this video presented from my home, I explain these benefits.


Additional information about how CommScope’s HELIAX® M-LOC cluster connector technology simplifies 5G antenna-radio connections is available here.


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