HomeSight: A Bridge to Better Health for Our Aging Population

As technology becomes more integrated into the healthcare industry, the risk of the elderly being left behind is greater than ever. The HomeSight system helps enable the connection and engagement that is essential to the health and wellbeing of an aging population by leveraging an old familiar friend — the TV.

HomeSight: A Bridge to Better Health for Our Aging Population

Through decades of broadband and television evolution, CommScope Home Networks has defined the technology that enables exceptional home networking experiences. For over 45 years, CommScope has been pushing the boundaries of communications technology and continues to utilize expertise in home connectivity solutions to build a better tomorrow. In a post-pandemic world with persistent staffing shortages, a healthcare industry of exhausted frontline workers, and a society doing its best to rebuild, CommScope realized an opportunity to make a difference. With deep expertise in developing quality products that are reliable, versatile, and secure, and with many long-term relationships with trusted solution providers, CommScope is poised to enter the healthcare market with technology that leverages our old familiar friend — the TV.

The TV has been foundational to the connected home experience long before the introduction of the internet. The world’s first television broadcast reached British audiences in 1929, delivered by the BBC. Ever since, TV has been a way to receive news, enjoy family entertainment, and tune into educational content — some of which began as early as the 1950s. Even as TV technology evolved, the simplicity of functions and features made it easy for all generations to keep up. The TV is the most utilized technology today among the elderly — with some using it up to 7 hours a day — and that’s exactly why it’s the perfect vessel for innovation in the home healthcare space, particularly for this demographic.

The Digital Divide is a Vast Gap for the Elderly

The aging population in the US (above 65) will nearly double from the recorded 49M in 2017 to 95M in 2060. As much as 85% of this population has at least one chronic health condition, making proper home and healthcare resources crucial to their overall wellness and quality of life. Physical and mental challenges associated with aging, growing medical issues, and a widening gap in understanding and participating in today’s technology-driven world can cause many elderly persons to become isolated and lonely. Poor compliance with medical and dietary plans is common, especially for those who struggle to understand their diagnoses, have difficulty navigating schedules, and have limited at-home help or care.

Most caregivers of the elderly are healthcare or homecare workers, children, grandchildren, or other loved ones that are part of a generation born into technology and have now spent most of their lives utilizing it for communication, education, work, entertainment, and more. Older adults struggle to keep up. Deteriorating vision and dexterity make touchscreens and mobile devices difficult to navigate, separating them further from a society that eats, sleeps, and breathes with a smartphone in hand. Many are hesitant to trust technology, largely due to a lack of understanding, making them less likely to engage at all. As technology becomes more integrated into the healthcare industry, the risk of the elderly being left behind is greater than ever.

Connect, Engage, Monitor: Reimagining TV Technology for Health & Wellness

Connection and engagement are essential to the well-being of everyone — but particularly for an aging population that spends much of their time at home in isolation. With the right tools, the elderly can build better relationships with loved ones, exchange videos and photos, access educational content, receive remote care such as video consultations, medication reminders, and health monitoring, and can even actively engage in virtual communities. The HomeSight™ system offers elders a secure homecare solution that leverages the TV to provide a bridge to technology that allows them to easily connect with family, friends, healthcare, and homecare providers. A simple TV-based interface makes accessing content, setting appointments and reminders, making calls, and sharing information accessible even for those who have limited experience with modern technology. For a generation that cherishes independence, the HomeSight system extends aging in place and gives new hope to those who want to improve their quality of life in a way that is comfortable, safe, and simple.

It really does “take a village” — and CommScope is delivering new ways to connect, using technology that has been a mainstay in the home for nearly a century. Sometimes, all we need is a little innovation.


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