A smooth path to 5G starts with a well-informed strategy

Together, let’s shape the always-on 5G network of tomorrow.

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CommScope is committed to unlocking the potential of 5G for your wireless network. The APAC region is expected to be among the most competitive markets in the 5G era, so we’re proving you with the best solutions and expertise to help you make smart decisions about your network’s 5G strategy.

Below, we are sharing more knowledge about 5G trends, technologies and strategies that will best serve networks like yours in 2019 and beyond.

White Paper: Capacity solutions - comparative study

CommScope has ideas that can help bring this equation back into balance—with options like:

  • Multibeam antennas that reuse spectrum over multiple narrow beams to densify existing capacity.
  • MIMO technologies that increase capacity with more ports, not more antennas.
  • Beamforming solutions that boost capacity or extend cell-edge coverage
Infographic: EraTM delivers capacity without constraints

CommScope delivers a future-ready solution in the Era C-RAN antenna system.

  • Centralizes multiple buildings’ coverage into a single headend
  • Greatly reduces physical footprint with CPRI baseband interface
  • Baseband functions can be moved to the cloud
  • All-digital fronthaul operates on current-generation Ethernet fiber
  • Capacity can be dynamically shared across multiple buildings
  • Range of access points for indoor, outdoor or mixed deployments
Video: Evolution to in-building 5G with OneCell

That solution is OneCell® :

  • A unique indoor cloud RAN solution
  • Delivers 5G-ready speed and latency—and full LTE support
  • A single-cell architecture that eliminates handovers
  • Distributed MIMO
  • Operates over standard Ethernet infrastructure
Infographic: CommScope empowers your network’s 5G strategy

CommScope provides strategies and solutions that let you build high quality LTE networks today based on infrastructure that’s ready to evolve to 5G when the time comes, in every area of your network:

  • Macro cell sites
  • Outdoor small cell sites
  • In-building wireless
  • Smart Cities
White Paper: Addressing the FTTA/FTTN challenge

Our fiber solutions power:

  • Macro cell sites and the growing number of connections they serve
  • Small cell sites and the convergent networks driving smart cities
  • Advanced infrastructure solutions that reduce required fiber counts
  • Technologies that multiply capacity across new and existing infrastructure


eBook: Base Station Antennas

Chapter 2: Multiband Combining Solution

Pushing what’s possible from a single antenna

The sheer density required by 5G networks has put higher-order MIMO and other approaches in the forefront of every network’s planning priorities.


Chapter 4: Trusted Partner for BSA

Vision for the future. And the expertise to get there.

5G networks require greater density and broader frequency band support, and that introduces some interesting opportunities for your network – and some daunting challenges.