FTTH Conference 2022

Vienna, Austria
Category: Tradeshow
Region: Europe
March 29 - March 31, 2022
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We are looking forward to connecting with you at FTTH Conference 2022 in Vienna.

At this biggest fiber summit in Europe CommScope will be presenting the region’s most comprehensive portfolio of passive and active solutions for broadband network, featuring the new, agile NOVUX ecosystem and technologies designed to enable next generations 10G broadband.

Be first to see our latest and most disruptive innovation - Cloud to Edge next-gen PON solution suite, meet NOVUX™ the first, new-generation, complete FTTX ecosystem and learn about our Made in Europe for Europe cables portfolio.

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Transformational Journey to a Modular FTTH Connectivity Ecosystem


The challenges increase with fiber going deeper in the network and escalation of labor shortage. Diverse architectures (DAA, FTTX, FTTH, 5G and hybrids) and applications (residential, business, backhaul) require many connectivity product configurations, components, spares, and associated training and operational complexities—putting pressure on service providers’ business cases and challenging equipment vendors to create more configurable solutions. And, with fewer specialized technicians available today and a trend toward a younger demographic, the opportunity to simplify fiber connectivity has never been greater.

In this session, we will review the transformational journey to a modular FTTH ecosystem which helps achieve 50 times more than the number of configurations that are available today with 75% fewer components.


The Key to Successful Next-Gen PON Deployments

Jeroen Putzeys - Regional VP, Sales and Engineering Broadband Networks

PON has emerged as one of the key technologies options capable of supporting every future application. Recent advances in software-defined networking and network disaggregation are enabling a complete shift to distributed and open architectures—which will help service providers reduce costs, accelerate new service delivery, and pave the way for new revenue streams.

In this presentation, Jeroen Putzeys will provide an overview of the strategies and requirements for deploying effective next-generation PON architectures.

Featured solutions

NOVUX Closures

NOVUX Compact Closures feature universal cable attachment, movable hinges, multiple mounting options, and an Octopus™ Gel Seal that allows quick, secure, and repeated entry.

NOVUX SRC Closures and NOVUX SEC Closures directly address the full range of outdoor wiring and mounting configurations, for unprecedented flexibility in installations, both above and below ground.

NOVUX Hardened Terminals

NOVUX Hardened Terminals offer the widest variety of technologies available on a single FTTH deployment platform. With single- and multi-fiber splitters and an optical tap, operators can use the terminals to implement fiber indexing, increasing the number of compatible configurations and enabling on-demand availability of hybrid configurations.

Prodigy™ small form hardened connector system

Prodigy™, CommScope’s newest innovation in hardened connectivity, unlocks the potential of your fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network with comprehensive solutions that install faster and simpler than ever. Prodigy is a small form hardened connector system for fiber terminals and cable assemblies and is the preferred choice for future-ready networks.

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