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DAC6000 | Digital Addressable Controller DAC6000

Digital Addressable Controller provideing secured access control for digital video distribution systems.

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Features and Benefits
The DAC6000 provides secured access control for digital video distribution systems. It supports a wide variety of addressable functions, including IPPV, Call Ahead PPV, subscription authorizations and interactive applications. Most service provider billing systems are compatible through the WireLink protocol.

Other supported functions include: detailed reporting to facilitate system management, virtual channel maps and control of encryption devices.

Based on a robust PC platform, DAC6000 system elements manage a powerful relational database system. A UPS system is included in the standard configuration to ensure an orderly shutdown of the system during power outages.
  • Configures headend components
  • Schedules services and programs
  • Defines channel map assignments
  • Configures terminal communications, antitaping and code download
  • Generates reports
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