American Baptist Homes

Connecting Seniors to the Outside World

Technology is beginning to play a major role with today’s senior citizens. They are becoming more tech savvy and rely on reliable wireless access to communicate with their families and health care providers. According to Senior, six out of every 10 seniors is using the Internet. They are using social media as an easy way to stay in touch with old friends, see pictures of family members, and to learn more about causes. It’s an easy way to maintain connection with the outside world.

For over eighty years, American Baptist Homes of the Midwest (ABHM) has provided healthcare, affordable housing and supportive services to its residents. They are committed to creating environments that encourage residents to experience life to its fullest. First and foremost this includes providing personalized, professional care and accommodations for their clients. ABHM facilities support several thousand patients with needs ranging from short-term rehabilitation and assisted living to permanent skilled care. With many senior living organizations investing in Internet connectivity, ABHM felt it was time to meet the needs of the senior population.

“Often I would receive requests from colleagues for Wi-Fi services, but we just never had a valid business case until about six or seven years ago,” says Roger Hennen, IT Director at ABHM.

  • Simple and reliable solution
  • Quality user experience
  • Campus-wide mobility
  • Secure and simple onboarding
  • Deployed RUCKUS® 7363 & 7372 APs
  • Deployed ZoneDirector 1100
  • Ease of management of ZoneDirector
  • 115 R600 802.11ac APs
  • Reliable network that meets the tenants needs
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