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Customer Experience Ranks No. 1 with 802.11ac Deployment

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People want to share their life experiences with their friends and family. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or SnapChat, the desire to post pictures or to “check in” at your location has become a worldwide phenomenon. How many times have you found yourself wanting to post to social media, only to find that there was no Wi-Fi? Whether you’re at a five star restaurant, department store, winery or brewery, nothing is more aggravating then inconsistent Wi-Fi. Not only do your customers get annoyed but also those employed at the venue as well. Anywhere we go today, the expectation is set that Wi-Fi should be available. The goal is for your customers to be happy, to spread the word and to keep coming back for another great experience. A reliable network can help make that happen.


Founded in 1989, Boulevard Brewing Company located in Kansas City, Missouri, is one of the largest specialty brewers in the Midwest. With several event spaces, the brewery hosts 6,000 people a month for corporate events, business meetings, weddings and receptions. It also has a visitor center accommodating tours for 1,000 guests over the weekends. As the advancement of technology becomes more prevalent with more devices joining the network, Boulevard Brewing was dealing with poor coverage and when the controller went down—so did all of the access points. This became problematic in the work environment along with patrons becoming frustrated at the lack of Wi-Fi.

One of the major obstacles Boulevard employees were facing was the constant changing of location in regards to the Brewery kegs and ingredients. It became increasingly difficult to gather inventory on iPads when there was a lack of coverage. The other problem was with guests coming in with laptops to try to work only to find inconsistent Wi-Fi.

  • Solid coverage and fast Wi-Fi
  • Ease of use and central management
  • Seamless roaming experience around the venue
  • R600 & R710 access points throughout the venue
  • 2 Virtual SmartZones (vSZ) for redundancy
  • Increased the number of concurrent users
  • Users have a seamless roaming experience within the venue
  • A reliable and fast network
  • Easy and simple to manage
  • Future proof network that grows with the expansion of the business
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