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Louisville, KY. 3,000 students. High capacity wired and wireless networks power 1:1 learning.

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The greatest impact digital technology has on learning comes from the technology’s underpinning role within a digitally-based school ecosystem; an ecosystem that is integrated, focused and which simultaneously addresses all the variables that enhance student learning. Digital learning is a must have in the modernization of school curriculums and long-term success of educators. School systems across the world are focusing on providing reliable Wi-Fi networks to prepare its students for the future.


Christian Academy School System is a private Christian school system with four campuses located in Louisville, Kentucky, and one campus in southern Indiana. The school system serves over 3000 students from pre-K to 12th grade and 500 employees with a high importance placed on digitized learning. Its legacy network was struggling to perform as the proliferation of devices started to hit the network. The amount of IT tickets that CASS was receiving created an overwhelming amount of work for the IT department. As Christian Academy began its first phase of its 1:1 program, the need for a reliable infrastructure was a must.

“We had a wireless solution in place that didn’t work, we were in the first phases of our 1:1 adoption with over 800 devices going into the hands of students. Our wireless system wasn’t working and we had lots of unhappy students and teachers,” states at Christian Academy School System.

  • A unified, indoor/outdoor wireless LAN that could be easily and centrally managed
  • Ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage and strong signal strength to deliver high data rates to thousands of current clients
  • Higher capacity client support per AP
  • A network that could grow to support exploding demand from increased number of students and devices
  • Deployed 802.11ac indoor access points and outdoor bridges to accommodate coverage for remote buildings.
  • Installed the RUCKUS® ZoneDirector to manage access points
  • Deployed ICX 7000 series switches for the underlying redundant infrastructure
  • Rolled out a solution to meet their 1:1 computing goal for the student body
  • Satisfied students and faculty who can rely on their Wi-Fi because of the increase in bandwidth, capacity, and reliability of the RUCKUS Wi-Fi solution
  • Seamless coverage with indoor / outdoor access points
  • Future-proofed the network to grow as the school system grows
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