Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris

802.11ac Keeps Residents Connected


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When students arrive at their college housing, you can expect their bags to be packed with clothes, toiletries, bedding and at least 3 different mobile devices. The advancement of technology has hit the higher education sector making reliable Wi-Fi an essential utility tool for student housing. Whether you live on campus in the dorms or off campus in student housing, the need to have reliable Wi-Fi is a must. Residents expect to have Wi-Fi as an amenity allowing them to have the same comfort as at home.

Founded in 1925, Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris is a private foundation that doesn’t just serve one single university, but is a housing development for all students who attend a university in Paris, France. The Cité Universitaire plays a central role in welcoming international students and takes great measures at making sure their residents feel at home during their stay. In order for students to be successful in their studies, they need to be able to connect and stay connected.

  • Wireless network that delivers predictable performance and coverage in high density environments
  • Enable students and residents to have the connected home experience
  • Securely connect tenants devices to the wireless network
  • RUCKUS® R500 access points to cover residential units
  • RUCKUS R710 access point to cover common areas
  • Ease of management with Virtual SmartZone (vSZ-E)
  • Maximized performance and coverage
  • Improved the overall Wi-Fi network performance
  • Easy to manage with flexibility
  • Future proof network
  • Increased the amount of concurrent users
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