The Colegio Goethe, St. George’s College and Belgrano Day School

Schools in Buenos Aires Upgrade Wi-Fi to Transform Digital Learning

Wi-Fi infrastructure in primary and secondary education in Argentina is currently undergoing a process of transformation, with a quantitative leap in classroom connectivity. Teachers cannot focus on teaching if they have to worry if their wireless connection is going to work when playing an interactive video for their students, or in a class given by video conference. For educational purposes, teachers want the school’s Wi-Fi to not just work, but work well so they can avoid wasting time with connections that drop again and again. As such, Wi-Fi plays an important role in successful learning, both in the classroom and for access by teachers and students at any other time. Needs such as collaborative teaching, turning in assignments online and doing research mean that some private schools have made the necessary changes to their Wi-Fi infrastructure to be able to handle pedagogical platforms and 1:1 or BYOD (bring-your-own-device) models with the necessary quality. Some of the most highly-regarded Argentine schools have adopted the solution provided by RUCKUS®, partnering with Mediatel, to take Wi-Fi to the next level with highly satisfactory results.


The Colegio Goethe, St. George’s College and Belgrano Day School each serve an average of 1,200 people including students and teachers, offering part-time and full-time classes. Founded between 1890 and 1912, their expansive campuses feature large spaces to provide elementary through secondary education, recreational spaces, assembly halls and dining halls.

  • Solve Wi-Fi users’ connection issues
  • Improve network quality as a prerequisite for the BYOD model
  • Make it possible for all students in the classroom to view a video at the same time
  • Obtain a considerable amount of sustained simultaneous connections
  • Make Internet access available in all areas of all schools
  • Implement connection analysis tools to analyze data and find out what can be improved in the learning process
  • Belgrano Day School: implemented 52 RUCKUS 802.11ac Wave 2 indoor access points with the RUCKUS virtual SmartZone controller
  • St. George’s College: implemented 17 RUCKUS 802.11ac Wave 2 indoor access points in classrooms in two buildings
  • Colegio Goethe: implemented 18 RUCKUS 802.11ac Wave 2 indoor access points with the RUCKUS virtual SmartZone controller. The initial project involved high school classrooms only
  • Increased number of simultaneous users
  • Users satisfied with their connectivity
  • BYOD ready system as a result of adding a Wi-Fi network for the students’ private devices
  • High performance, reliable Wi-Fi network
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