Compton Unified School District

School district's esports program posts big wins in digital equity, inclusivity and STEM career paths

Learn how Compton Unified Schools are championing esports to impact the best student outcomes. The scholastic esports program has dramatically improved student engagement and achievement. With a RUCKUS school network, Compton Unified esports program has been leveled up to provide a successful, transformative program that has contributed to digital equity, inclusivity, attendance, mental health, leadership and collaboration, and a new path to STEM careers.

Esports requires a high-performance network, free from the slightest performance hiccups. CommScope RUCKUS portfolio of high-speed wireless and wired solutions provides the best-in-class network that is reliable, flexible, and superior for even bandwidth-intensive applications like esports, distance learning, and immersive education using virtual and augmented reality.

  • School network to support esports program
  • Visibility and information about the health of the network
  • Bandwidth-intensive applications on the learning network
  • RUCKUS ICX Switches
  • RUCKUS Access Points
  • SmartZone Network Managemen
  • NASEF Curriculum
  • Diverse STEM program that includes esports curriculum
  • End-to-end visibility through a single management console
  • Increased speeds for bandwidth-intensive online applications and redundancy across school system
  • Increased student engagement and learning through STEM programs, like coding, graphic design, broadcasting, critical thinking, collaboration, teamwork, and leadership
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