Copper Mountain Resort

Multiple Dwelling Units Among Ski Resort Installs Reliable Wi-Fi

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Hosting nearly one million skiers per year, Copper Mountain is one of Colorado’s premier ski resort destinations. It is home to the US downhill ski team as their training venue. The beautiful landscape, world-class facilities, events for all ages, and the focus on providing an exceptional guest experience is what has skiers returning year after year. Copper Mountain Resort has truly placed guest experience at the top of their list. Guest Wi-Fi access is no exception


With 38 individual condo buildings, many have been renovated by adding staircases, merging units, and giant slate fireplaces built in. This creates an unpredictable and challenging environment to deploy Wi-Fi.

“Our biggest requirements for a guest access Wi-Fi solution are stability and user experience,” said Michael Hurwitch, Director of IT for Copper Resorts. Free Wi-Fi is a common and very popular amenity in many establishments today, but often times the networks just don’t perform to the end users expectations.

  • Easy to use, quality user experience
  • Comprehensive in-door and out-door public internet access
  • Support for high device density 
  • Support high bandwidth capacity
  • Managed Service
  • Indoor: five hundred RUCKUS® R300 and R500 802.11ac APs
  • Outdoor: twenty one RUCKUS T300 802.11ac APs
  • Hosted Virtual SmartZone controller 
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