Druids Glen

RUCKUS® Solution Connects Guests with Best-in-class Wi-Fi, to Ensure a Reliable and Fast Connection

Hotels are diversifying their offerings to remain competitive and serve broader audiences. From catering to weddings, conferences, meetings, sports, spas as well as typical leisure guests, hotels can thrive with multiple lines of business, however this also brings increased demands on the Wi-Fi infrastructure, with each audience type comprising different needs and expectations. Hotels must accommodate a range of different visitors simultaneously, all with different technological needs. What happens if your business guests can’t access their presentations, or your leisure guests can’t stream their favourite TV shows? They’ll tell you about it at the front desk, you’ll see it in your reviews and, ultimately, you’ll feel it in your bookings.

  • Access Points that can mitigate interference issues caused by building materials
  • Powerful APs that can cover the 17,000 sq metres of property
  • Secure connections that support business
  • Zone Director 1200
  • 2 x R700 Access Points
  • 4 x R300 Access Points
  • 10 x H500 Access Points
  • 49 x R500 Access Points
  • Ease of integration into existing infrastructure
  • Ease of configuration from the controller
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Clients are prevented from being able to see other client activity, which is particularly important for business customers
  • Staff can use Wi-Fi phones throughout the building without dropping calls or inhibiting network connectivity, meaning they can help guests anywhere
  • Enabled the hotel to embrace technology across all aspects of the business
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