Fiera Milano

Fiera Milano and Fastweb Innovate New Revenue Generating Wi-Fi Services

Fiera Milano had a plan. It wanted to transform Wi-Fi from a basic connectivity service into a revenue-generating platform that enabled value-add proximity marketing to its customers.

The third largest exhibition center in the world spanning more than 400,000 square meters, the Fiera Milano attracts some 30,000 exhibitors and 5 million visitors to more than 50 exhibitions each year.

With the sharp increase in the use of smart mobile devices and applications by its customers, Fiera Milano saw an opportunity to leverage Wi-Fi location services to deliver more detailed data and user analytics regarding the behavior of delegates attending the exhibitions. Exhibitors wanted this information to identify traffic trends so they could customize marketing efforts to prospective customers. 

  • Turnkey, high capacity Wi-Fi indoor/outdoor infrastructure
  • Support for thousands of concurrent clients
  • Ubiquitous and strong signal coverage everywhere
  • Reliable Wi-Fi meshing between APs
  • Ability for the Wi-Fi network to adapt to changing environmental conditions
  • Redundant and scalable centralized WLAN management
  • Cloud-based Wi-Fi location services
  • 500 RUCKUS® 7782 outdoor APs; RUCKUS 7372 and R700 indoor APs
  • RUCKUS cloud-based Wi-Fi location service
  • Redundant ZoneDirector 5000 controllers
  • Higher performance and more pervasive Wi-Fi coverage
  • More concurrent users connected at higher data rates
  • Simplified, centralized and scalable WLAN management
  • Ability to monetize Wi-Fi location data as a value-added service to customers
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