High School Oos-Moot

High School Oos Moot embraces modern IT Infrastructure with CommScope’s portfolio of network connectivity solutions

High School Oos-Moot faced a challenge similar to many other educational institutions, in that it had a legacy network consisting of non-enterprise network switching and access points. The wireless local area network (WLAN) was extremely inconsistent, did not offer adequate coverage, and was unreliable at best.

South Africa schools have a dire need for both modern IT infrastructure and reputable deployment partners, notes Johan Meyer, the school’s terrain and building manager. “The project with CommScope and Emtelle has not only eliminated such frustrations for Oos-Moot High School but will assist us with marketing our school as having a truly modern IT infrastructure—something to which potential new students are definitely attracted to.”


The High School Oos-Moot is located in South Africa’s capital, Pretoria and is a secondary school for 1600 pupils and 80 staff members. They were looking for the following:

  • Consistent wired LAN performance
  • Logical and sensible VLAN planning and deployment
  • Increased WAN bandwidth and uptime
  • Increased cybersecurity approach on upstream WAN
  • Increased WLAN coverage, stability and concurrency
  • Unification of all networking devices and services onto a single network structure
  • Addition of 73 IP based full HD CCTV cameras
  • Futureproofing as well as expansion and flexibility options
  • Ensuring the full backbone structure is fibre optic based
  • Increased backbone bandwidth availability
  • Unified voice platform and general voice improvement
  • Addition of UPS units – SA suffers from erratic power utility supply
  • Adaption of COVID-19 protocols that requires remote learning capabilities for students
  • Starting the journey to the Cloud
  • Partnering with a single managed services provider
  • Ensuring long term maintenance and upkeep via SLA
  • Commscope CAT6 cabling as well as single mode fibre optic cabling
  • Cable routes for all new cabling
  • ICX 7150 x 12 port switching x 3
  • ICX 7150 x 24 port switching x 6
  • ICX 7150 x 48 port switching x 7
  • 10G stacking licenses were deployed
  • RUCKUS® R320 access points x 29
  • RUCKUS R510 access points x 4
  • RUCKUS T310c access points x 2
  • Sinewave double conversion UPS’ for all cabinets incl surge protection
  • Network monitoring server incl sensor licensing for all LAN devices
  • VoiP handsets x 23
  • CCTV system incl 73 x 4MP FHD cameras and related head end NVR’s, server as well as software
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