Hunziker Property Management

Delivering a Connected Lifestyle Experience

We all depend upon and use various types of technology to accomplish important tasks in our lives. More people are working remotely and the need to always be connected is imperative. When it comes to rental apartments, tenants are drawn to properties that cater to their lifestyles; Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury to have, but a must have.

Property owners have seen the need to deploy reliable Wi-Fi to attract new tenants and retain them.

Based in Ames, Iowa, approximately 30 miles north of Des Moines, Hunziker Property Management has been managing commercial apartments for more than 20 years. Hunziker is known in the industry as a premier provider of luxury apartments and student housing. It is important to Gary Hunziker, CEO and founder of Hunziker Property Management, that “our tenants have a quality connected home experience whereby users can easily and securely onboard their consumer devices such as laptops, over-the top content (OTT) streaming video, gaming consoles and smartphones to the wireless network.”

  • Fast and reliable network to give staff access to the new Elektronische Cliënten Dossier (ECD - Electronic Client File)
  • Wireless network that delivers predictable performance and coverage in high density environments
  • Enable students and residents to have the connected home experience
  • Securely connect tenants devices to the wireless network
  • Deployed RUCKUS® R500 and R600 APs covering 330 residential units
  • Ease of management with ZoneDirector controller
  • Maximized performance and coverage
  • Dynamic Pre-Shared Key (DPSK) deployed to ensure the highest level of security
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