Mamba Cement

CommScope RUCKUS® enables Mamba Cement to enter the path of Digital Transformation by modernizing their network: performance, scalability, reliability, security, and advanced technology

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Digital transformation is essential for innovation and a sustained competitive advantage. But the original Wi-Fi and switching equipment at Mamba Cement was reaching its end of life. As more enterprise business applications came online, the network simply couldn’t keep up with demand. It was time for a big change.

Fast Facts
  • They wanted complete visibility and control of not just their core network but their wireless access points and the devices that connect to them as well.
  • They wanted to be able to secure their network even to port level, no unwanted or unauthorized devices should be able to log onto their network.
  • Their network had to be better and faster.
  • The issue of support no longer being available on the brand that they installed a few years ago.
  • Old outdated switches with very limited capability and management capabilities
  • Need for a better, faster, more secure, and more manageable solution when it came to their switches and Wireless access points.
  • The need of a total overview of their network in real time and the option to make changes remotely and immediately when necessary when changes were detected in their environment.
  • RUCKUS ICX Switches
  • RUCKUS Indoor Access Points (APs)
  • RUCKUS Outdoor Access Points (APs)
  • Network Monitoring System
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