Ocean State Job Lot

RUCKUS® Wi-Fi Provides Stable, Pervasive Coverage for 1.5 Million Sq. Ft. Warehouse

At a time when many big-name brick-and-mortar stores have closed, Ocean State Job Lot is flourishing. The closeout retailer has a devoted customer base that loves the “adventure shopping” experience that’s offered by Job Lot.

Job Lot’s tractor trailers—emblazoned with “Home of Adventure Shopping”— crisscross New England, delivering products to over 130 stores. The privately held company, which just celebrated its 41st anniversary, stresses providing extraordinary value for hard-working families. And pursuit of value means that Job Lot doesn’t focus on specific product categories. Its merchandise is eclectic and surprising. Customers love the unexpected—and it keeps them coming back for a new adventure.

Now imagine the challenges of warehousing this constantly changing inventory of items of all shapes and sizes. Most products are moved through Job Lot’s 1.5M square foot distribution center in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. The building has 44-foot ceilings and storage space for 88,000 pallets of goods.

  • Wi-Fi coverage in the distribution center was so poor that employees had to stop and search for signals to use their RF scanning guns
  • There was no Wi-Fi at corporate headquarters
  • Other inventory management processes were constrained by Wi-Fi signal availability
  • 75 indoor Access Points
  • 8 outdoor Access Points
  • Dual RUCKUS ZoneDirector Controllers</li
  • Distribution center now has pervasive, reliable Wi-Fi coverage
  • Wi-Fi-enabled corporate headquarters gives staff the flexibility to meet and work anywhere
  • Stable, high-performance Wi-Fi coverage enables enhanced stocking flexibility in the distribution center
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