Global Social Media Platform

Social media provider simplifies infrastructure to address growth

A leading global social media platform, based in the U.S., recently faced the challenge of evolving their capabilities without significantly increasing costs. With users who interact with the platform more than 400 billion times a day, they looked to boost network efficiency and placed a priority on supporting three to four generations of future server/compute upgrade cycles with the most sustainable infrastructure architecture.

By partnering with CommScope and the Propel high-speed fiber solution, the social media platform was able to triple their total network capacity. The new design takes advantage of 16-fiber configurations capable with Propel. As a result, the customer can now easily migrate from 1 GbE to 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 GbE server compute infrastructures, without adding new fiber cabling and connectivity in the future.

  • Continual pressure to upgrade networks to handle exponential traffic and storage demands
  • Competitive landscape growing
  • Challenged with evolving their capabilities without significantly increasing costs
  • PROPEL™ fiber and connectivity platform for data center
  • Cabinet density increased 75 percent – from 16 servers to 28
  • Compute cabinets, now equipped with 1—GbE ports, increased network capacity 400 percent
  • Densification of server racks and compute pods reduced the total number of fiber trunk cables by 60 percent and raw material content by 71 percent and increasing available white space by 43 percent
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