University of Southampton

Data centre at the University of Southampton supports 23,000 students from 130 countries

When the University of Southampton (UoS) made the decision in 2010 to build a new data centre, flexibility, longevity and quality were key design requirements for the mission-critical educational environment and it turned to CommScope, a long-standing technology partner of the university, for assistance. UoS trusted CommScope to deliver a single, totally integrated data centre that would meet the university’s services requirements from day one and offer the modularity of design necessary to nimbly scale up to future needs with minimum effort.

Fast Facts
  • The largest higher education establishment in the southeast of England, serving 23,000 students including 5,000 overseas students, from more than 130 countries.
  • Spread across six campuses—four in and around Southampton, one in Winchester and the recently opened international facility in Malaysia
  • The university comprises eight faculties offering over 200 courses covering 70 subject areas.
  • Southampton’s internationally acclaimed seat of learning relies on a robust data centre to store a wealth of intellectual information and huge amounts of data to facilitate the smooth running of the university.
  • Replace the legacy data centre as the university’s primary data centre, providing a future-ready facility capable of supporting 23,000 students including 5,000 overseas students, from more than 130 countries.
  • Category 6A copper
  • MPO fiber trunks
  • Quick-fit MPO cassettes
  • FiberGuide® fiber raceway
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