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CommScope 360° aerodynamic base station antennas: Science-based design, CommScope-backed performance—Spanish

  • Region: Global
  • Category: 5G Technology, Outdoor Wireless Networks
  • Language: Spanish
  • 9 minutes

As more and larger base station antennas are deployed, managing wind loads becomes critical for mobile network operators seeking to trim costs and introduce new services. Using our knowledge of aerodynamics and a relentless drive for better design, CommScope has developed a unique 360-degree wind load reducing antenna design. It enables operators to significantly reduce wind loading in every direction while maintaining excellent RF performance. Customers can reduce operating costs while continuing to support the introduction of new services and technologies. Discover more in this webinar, where CommScope's Andrés Vega discusses the science behind it.

Note: This replay is in Spanish - also available in English.

Webinar Presenter

Andrés Vega Technical Sales Manager - CALA CommScope

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CommScope 360° Aerodynamic base station antennas: Science-based design, CommScope-backed performance.