Deploy Fiber Faster

Simplify and accelerate FTTH network deployments

As America embarks on one of the most ambitious fiber deployments in history, service providers are seeking solutions and practices that make fiber installation as fast and easy as possible, particularly in rural areas. CommScope has honed its solutions, services, and partnerships to significantly reduce the time and expense of deploying fiber optic networks.

CommScope FTTH solutions help service providers deploy fiber networks faster while keeping costs low. Our portfolio of lifecycle services gives operators the help they need to design and deploy reliable, future-ready fiber infrastructures. CommScope maintains partnerships with a network of architecture, engineering, and construction firms in all 50 states--giving operators access to the resources they need to deploy fiber to the home quickly while keeping costs low and network reliability high.


FTTH network ePlanner

Learn how CommScope’s new FTTH network ePlanner can help you make critical connectivity decisions and create a customized network that’s ready for the future.

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Rural fiber distribution TAP architecture

Explore how the tap network architecture option can help overcome the unique challenges of rural fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks.


Learn from CommScope’s Paul Hubbard in this informative webinar:  “Strategies to Efficiently Deploy FTTH Networks”

How do fiber deployments support sustainability goals?

See how CommScope is leading the way in helping customers build a more sustainable broadband future.


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