Fiber Indexing Terminals Series

The next evolution in FTTx deployment

Fiber indexing—CommScope’s innovative new FTTx technology—enables network operators to address the challenges of last mile deployment. These challenges are well-known: how to deploy quickly and efficiently to address immediate market demand; and how to evolve the network swiftly per market dynamics? By reducing cabling requirements, eliminating splicing, and leveraging a simple yet adaptive platform, fiber indexing can solve both challenges.

  • Do more with less: CommScope’s fiber indexing equipment solution features a series of pre-cabled, hardened connectivity access terminals. By combining a daisy chain network design with these technician-friendly terminals and drops, fiber indexing can save operators as much as 70% percent in fiber cable and installation costs. Also, the patented plug-and-play DLX® miniaturized hardened fiber optic connector system eliminates splicing, so crews can connect more locations per day and reduce cable congestion in the network. In addition, fiber indexing terminals and DLX® miniaturized connectors allow for high density where it counts—at the customer drop.
  • Quick to install, long-term dependability: Fiber indexing terminals are quick and easy to install: their factory-terminated, color-coded, plug-and-play connector ports practically eliminate technician errors. The hardened system is environmentally protected, end-to-end, for a reliable long-term solution.
  • Defer costs and prepare for growth: Fiber indexing allows operators to deploy the access network in stages, saving on capex while creating a future-ready framework that can connect subscribers and support new services as soon as market demand materializes.
  • Respond instantly to network trends: In a typical FTTx network, signals from the fiber distribution hub (FDH) travel “forward” from the first terminal to the last. When a second FDH cable is connected to the last terminal, the signal runs “backwards” toward the first terminal. Called “reverse feed,” this allows operators to respond almost instantly to unforeseen demands for new revenue-generating services. (watch the video)

    With the ability to handle residential and business services, smart-city connectivity, wireless fronthaul, backhaul, and more, a network with fiber indexing can support a wide range of revenue-generating services and the ongoing convergence of wireless and wireline networks.

With CommScope solutions, you can be confident your network is forward-thinking.

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