Fiber optic splice closures for reliable networks

To tackle the variety of challenges service operators face when deploying fiber, CommScope has created a family of fiber optic splice closures that balance key criteria such as reliability, installability, flexibility and speed of deployment.

To choose the right fiber splicing closure , you must determine which solution best suits your needs in the specific part of the network:

For example, as you move closer to the customer, frequent re-entry access is essential—whereas, in the trunk network, a fit-and-forget solution is often the preferred option. By knowing where in the outside plant FTTx network you’re building, finding an easy-to-deploy and long-lasting closure becomes effortless with CommScope’s proven (yet future focused) fiber closure family.

With over 30 years of experience offering advanced network solutions—including our revolutionary gel sealing technology—CommScope can help your network realize its full potential today and tomorrow.

FIST modular splice closure

Anticipate the future with this all-in-one fiber splice closure able to accommodate a wide range of cable sizes and microtubes.

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