Fiber splice trays and organizers

Your fiber management has never been easier

Managing high fiber counts on a low footprint such as closures, patch panels, distribution frames and street cabinets can be a hassle. You don’t want to disturb existing subscribers or, worse, disrupt their signal while you’re adding another customer. And for your network to be reliable, you need to protect your splices.

CommScope’s Fiber Infrastructure System Technology (FIST™) trays and organizers are being used in the central office and throughout the outside plant.

They are designed to store fiber and splices for

  • single-element,
  • single-circuit, and
  • single- and multiple-ribbon fiber management

The specific arrangement of fiber and splices provides fiber protection, easy access and identification. It also ensures that minimum bend radius requirements of the fibers are met in all parts of the FIST trays and organizers.

Technicians being able to work on a single fiber reduces customer complaints and makes the process of connecting or repairing an individual customer connection much more efficient. Single circuit management has become the de facto standard in Europe and Asia since this technology was introduced.

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