Flexible Service Terminals

The ultimate option for space-constraint environments

Whether the location is space-constrained, potentially wet, or awkward to access, the Flexible Service Terminal (FST) series’ unique design gives technicians the options they need to get the job done. A small terminal unit attached to staggered-length fiber optic connector cables makes the FST series adaptable to almost any install scenario. Hardened fiber stubs make for fast, reliable, plug-and-play distribution to customer premises, and are easy to clean and reconnect when it’s time for maintenance.

These factory-sealed terminals withstand harsh outside plant conditions, and are ideal for spaces such as handholes or congested pits where moisture is possible. The small terminal unit’s flexible structure gives technicians a wealth of install options—it’s a simple solution that can reduce or even eliminate civil works and construction costs. The FST series is also available in a branching format and with an integrated splitter.

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