Hardened fiber connector system

Connect your customers faster

The DLX® hardened fiber optic connector system is a system of plug-and-play connectors, adapters, converters, terminals, and preconnectorized cable designed to speed deployment and improve cost efficiencies where it counts – at the customer drop.

The DLX system features miniaturized hardened connectors, which allows smaller terminals that take up less space on poles, hand holes, and other locations where space is a premium. The miniature size also means smaller holes for passing drops through walls, structures, and conduits. This minimizes construction costs and speeds residential connections in the fiber-to-the-premises or fiber-to-the-home (FTTP / FTTH) cabling network.


  • Smaller adapter enables smaller enclosure and smaller multiport terminal, takes up less space on poles, in hand holes, and in an ONT
  • Smaller connector drops fit in smaller conduit, require smaller hole in dwelling, allow less intrusive entry into the residence, and provide an easier and more secure connection
  • The DLX connector is fully backward compatible with legacy full-sized hardened adapters through the use of a converter
  • The DLX connector is compatible with SC connectors and adapters; a converter is available to provide additional strength for DLX-SC connections
  • Variety of cable options allow cabling choice to be optimized for outdoor aerial or underground applications
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