High-density full front access optical distribution frames

Significantly enhance your speed of installation with plug-and-play philosophy

As service providers expand, reconfigure, and roll out new network services to their end consumers, they need versatile solutions that will support their network requirements for years to come.

FACT™ is a versatile ODF platform that incorporates termination, splicing, and storage demands. The FACT ODF system enables faster and easier installation in a high-density environment. The tool-less system approach and the high level of modularity guarantee an easy migration path towards new connectivity platforms and expansion of existing central office sites.

Manage your high-density fiber network with FACT

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  • The FACT system enables high-density, manageable, future-ready deployments in 30 percent less space using a plug-and-play philosophy
  • Platform modularity supports phased CapEx network deployment
  • Tool-less design enables low-skilled network deployments and reduced costs
  • Plug-and-play, high-density fiber connectivity solution
  • Fiber and cable technology independent—increases design flexibility
  • Standard connectivity (LC-single adapters) 30 percent higher density, up to 2688, in a 900 mm x 300 mm rack setup
  • Ultra high density; up to 4032 connections for adapter pack & 1.2 mm patch cord technology in a 900 mm x 300 mm rack set up
  • Nonmoving fiber principle during tray manipulations
  • Precabled solutions for FACT modules
  • Fits typical telecom CO layouts (ETSI racks, 300 mm deep)
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