Multiport Service Terminals Series

The industry’s access terminals workhorse

CommScope’s history of innovation in fiber optic connectivity and material science has given the multiport service terminal (MST) series the reputation of the industry’s access terminals workhorse.

To cope with the challenging environment of the outside plant, today’s providers need proven FTTx equipment, configuration options to meet the needs of any application- greenfield and brownfield.

The industry-standard Multiport Service Terminal (MST) series, with its large variety of housing styles, connectors, adapters and mounting, meets the needs of almost any network application. Environmentally sealed and factory-terminated with hardened plug-and-play connector ports, the MST series withstands rugged outside plant conditions, and ensures fast deployment and lower installation costs by eliminating time-consuming splicing.

The MST series is available in several formats:

  • MST: designed for quick installation almost anywhere; with full-size optical hardened connectors
  • Mini-MST: ideal for situations requiring high drop densities and small footprints; with hardened miniaturized DLX connector ports
  • MST-04: aerial, wall-mounted, tight-space, and concealed applications; with hardened miniaturized DLX connector ports
  • MHT: specifically built for fiber-rich applications; with HMFOC (Hardened Multifiber Optical Connector) connectors

CommScope is your partner with vision and expertise for the future.

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