Optical distribution frames

Optical distribution frames allow flexibility

Our optical distribution frame (ODF) portfolio balances fiber connection density with circuit accessibility, helping providers increase speed of deployment while reducing deployment costs. ODFs are highly flexible and can quickly accommodate future upgrades, as necessary—designed with the four principles of fiber cable management in every aspect:

  • High-density connectivity and management: lead to reduced floor space usage
  • Easy cable and connector access: reduce install and maintenance times
  • Bend radius protection: ensure network performance and reliability
  • Cable routing paths: ensure technicians can easily locate and trace fibers
  • Value-added modules (VAMs): splitter, monitor, and C/DWDM modules can customize the ODF for specific applications beyond cross-connects

We offer ODFs to accommodate a variety of fiber cabling designs, including cross-connect or interconnect—each featuring superior cable management and ease of use.

  • NG4access®: Maximum density with outstanding access and a variety of configuration options
  • FACT™: A fully front-facing system with plug-and-play simplicity that deploys quickly and easily
  • NGF®: Moderate density, robust performance, and a variety of configuration options
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