Technical Considerations for a Successful Neutral Host DAS

Nestor-Salvado-6-29-15--thumb Nestor Salvado June 25, 2015
Neutral-host-DASDistributed antenna system (DAS) deployments could see growth that some industry trackers estimate to be double or triple by 2017. Driven in part by rising bandwidth requirements and quality of service expectations, the cost to deploy and maintain today’s advanced DAS is growing as well. As a result, the wireless industry as a whole is pursuing a variety of service delivery models designed to offset the high costs while ensuring reliable and profitable in-building coverage and capacity.

One of the models receiving a lot of attention is the neutral host DAS. A neutral host DAS shifts the ownership of the system from the carrier to either the building owner, DAS integrator or a third-party system provider. Under the neutral host model, this independent third-party host assumes all financial, regulatory, legal and technical responsibility for deploying, installing and maintaining the system. The host then leases space or access to the system to one or more operators.

The neutral host model provides a number of attractive benefits for all parties involved:

  • Participation by multiple carriers ensures more end-users can utilize their carrier’s network instead of having to roam.
  • Because the DAS is owned and managed by a third party, no carrier has an unfair advantage.
  • The ability for venue owners, DAS integrators and even DAS suppliers to serve as neutral hosts increases the number of players who are able and willing to help satisfy the growing demand in the market.

Much of the literature on neutral host DAS deals with the various funding models, ownership and usage rights and the sometimes complex relationships between carrier operators, venue owner and neutral host.

The new white paper, Technical Considerations for a Successful Neutral Host DAS, instead provides an overview discussing some of the more common technical issues involved in designing, commissioning and maintaining a neutral host DAS. It is based on CommScope’s extensive experience in the design and implementation of multicarrier, multiband DAS solutions.

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