Wi-Fi and Wired Connectivity for Every Room

dennis Dennis Huang June 27, 2017
How do you address complaints about Wi-Fi from users who are bringing more and more devices into your hotel rooms, meeting rooms and classrooms? While your dream is to deploy a robust and reliable Wi-Fi access point (AP) and an Ethernet hub in every room at an affordable price, in-room enterprise-grade APs and switches have been cost-prohibitive – until now, that is. With the Ruckus H320 solution, our fourth-generation indoor wall-plate wireless AP and switch, your dream becomes a reality. Hotel guests, K-12 students and condo dwellers can enjoy high-speed, reliable Wi-Fi and wired connectivity. The newest addition to our hospitality and multi-dwelling unit (MDU) portfolio, the H320 all-in-one product provides all the benefits of Ruckus’s patented Wi-Fi goodness at a commodity wall-plate price. Now you can deploy one AP per room to meet user demands. Attractively priced at $285 (list), the Ruckus H320 supports the highest Wi-Fi standard – 802.11ac Wave 2 – and specifically meets the connectivity requirements of device-dense environments. Plus, it’s versatile. With two Ethernet ports, you can connect wired in-room IP devices such as an IPTV, VoIP phones or IP cameras. And if the number of ports is not enough, you can deploy its big brother, the Ruckus H510, which has four ports. Ruckus in the Hospitality Sector Since our inception, we have been committed to the hotel/hospitality industry. In fact, Ruckus Wi-Fi is deployed in the majority of tier-one hotel groups worldwide. Hotel visitors demand great Wi-Fi, and we continue to deliver with our fourth-generation wall-plate AP. In addition to the H320 product, our offerings include the H510 and C110 products. Our unique Wi-Fi technology has elevated us to a leadership position in this market and has enabled us to address similar needs in other markets, such as education. To learn more about the Ruckus H320 AP and other in-room, all-in-one APs and switches, visit us at HITEC in Toronto this week at booth 1829. See the Ruckus HITEC Event Page for details or to arrange a meeting. We look forward to seeing you in Toronto or at your property!  

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