Designing smarter MDUs with the Ruckus IoT Suite

37c647e-1 Scott Heinlein November 8, 2018
Imagine a future where your apartment community offers more than a passive residence for your tenants and owners. Imagine if your MDUs (multi-dwelling units) intelligently conserved energy and water, automatically bought groceries as needed, prevented thefts and alerted you and the authorities to fires, water leaks, and appliance malfunctions. Well, you can stop imagining, because these are all possible right now with the Ruckus IoT Suite. With the Ruckus Managed Wi-Fi solution and IoT suite, these and many other smart home applications can be easily deployed in multi-tenant residential properties. More specifically, the Ruckus Managed Wi-Fi solution and IoT suite provide everything you need to support new devices and applications. It includes a common network backbone for both Wi-Fi and IoT that streamlines operations while reducing costs. This enables you to rapidly roll out new systems and applications across entire properties in just days instead of weeks or months.

Benefits of the IoT Suite solution

As smart home technology continues to evolve, residents will expect smart technology in their apartments. This includes keyless smart locks, intelligent climate control systems, smart appliances (i.e. ovens, stoves, refrigerators, washers, and dryers), smoke and leak detectors and even smart light and curtain controls. The Ruckus Managed Wi-Fi with IoT Suite solution makes all of this a reality. MDU owners can offer smart apartments to residents for additional rent each month. This can significantly increase the annual revenue MDU owners generate from their properties. In addition, apartments already equipped with smart applications are a very attractive option for residents since they do not have to purchase and install smart devices and applications themselves. Not only do MDU property owners get the benefit of additional income, but smart applications can also be used by the management company to streamline operations and make managing the apartment property more efficient. Smart technology greatly simplifies the deployment of critical operations such as community security, access control, leak detection, and energy management systems. These applications reduce operational costs and increase the profitability of an MDU property. The traditional approach of deploying smart applications typically requires deploying multiple networks, which significantly increases costs and complexity as multiple networks must be managed. At Ruckus, we take a different approach to how MDU properties can deploy smart applications. We offer a comprehensive integrated solution that supports both Wi-Fi and multiple IoT technologies that all run on one network. This eliminates the need to buy ‘IoT gateways’ and run separate networks for single-use BLE and Zigbee applications. The result is a single network that is cost-effective to deploy and easy to manage. Visit Ruckus Networks to learn more.    

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