Amara Signature Shanghai

Better Hotel Wi-Fi for Higher Guest Satisfaction

According to the Chinese Tourist and Hospitality Industry Association, by the first half of 2017, there were 848 five-star hotels in China, 72 of which were in Shanghai1. With growing industry competition, it is critical for high-end hotel brands to develop and strengthen their core competencies and be able to compete in the future.

Amara Signature Shanghai operates under the Amara Group based out of Singapore, which mainly engages in hotel investment and management in Asia, as well as a number of specialty dining establishments. The Amara vision is to be recognized as the leading Asian integrated lifestyle group. Sharing this common vision as the first Amara hotel in China, Amara Signature Shanghai strives to deliver first-class service and a five-star experience to all customers.

In the hospitality sector, Wi-Fi for guests is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Better network connections help the hotel to attract more guests and improve their offerings in a competitive market.

  • Fast, secure connections to meet the expectations of guests and clientele
  • Simplify network setup and management, increase security, and minimize troubleshooting, as well as being able to accommodate future upgrades
  • Reliable Wi-Fi access to hotel services without interruption or hassle
  • Strong and stable wireless connectivity to support multiple applications
  • High-density Wi-Fi support for high-traffic venues such as restaurants and meeting rooms
  • A wide range of RUCKUS® hardware, including RUCKUS indoor access points (APs), outdoor APs, as well as ICX switches, were deployed in different areas of the hotel for secure and reliable access
  • Achieved not only gigabit-per-second data transmission speeds, but also powerful and stable network performance for both hotel staff and guests
  • Ensured excellent and reliable throughput for the most demanding service requirements, including streaming video, unified communications and VDI, as well as high bandwidth mobile applications
  • Expanded network coverage, and reduced interference, while providing reliable and fast data transfer rates in a constantly busy environment
  • A unified and reliable network infrastructure that reliably supports all business applications without interruption
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