Hyatt Hotels Australia

A future-proof network for tomorrow’s hotel experience

Hyatt Hotels Australia had the mission to replace its old Wi-Fi network with a new one, which would provide its staff and 571,000 guests per year with reliable and consistent Wi-Fi access across its portfolio of five hotels in Australia: Park Hyatt Sydney; Park Hyatt Melbourne; Grand Hyatt Melbourne; Park Hyatt Canberra; and Hyatt Regency Perth.

Comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage was one of the major challenges facing Hyatt. As with many hotels, the RF environment can often be challenging due to design and decor. Providing consistent Wi-Fi coverage to every room, corridor and public space can often be challenging. For example, metal decorative fixtures in bathrooms and lobbies can disrupt signal strength and create Wi-Fi black spots.

Hyatt began evaluating other Wi-Fi products to replace its current network. In addition to increasing Wi-Fi coverage across its hotels, Hyatt required a solution that was aesthetically pleasing as well as being quick and easy to deploy to minimise cost and disruption to the business.

  • Reduce the number of APs required
  • Provide comprehensive and reliable Wi-Fi coverage for hotel guests
  • Strong signal for organisers and attendees of business events and conferences
  • Quick system reboots to minimise disruption and interference
  • 585 RUCKUS® indoor/outdoor access points across 5 hotels
  • 5 RUCKUS ZoneDirector smart wireless LAN controllers
  • Significantly reduced number of APs across portfolio of hotels while also improving strength of coverage
  • Successfully provided strong Wi-Fi coverage to 800+ attendees at events
  • Future-proofing tomorrow’s hotel experience
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