Imperial Hotel, Tokyo

High-Performance Wi-Fi for an Elevated Guest Experience

With over 120 years of history, the Imperial Hotel is one of Japan’s most renowned and luxurious hotels, boasting 931 rooms that accommodate 1,500 guests per day during peak periods. Including business, restaurant, and banquet visitors, over 10,000 customers pass through the doors of the hotel daily, a number comparable to that of a large enterprise. The volume of customers increases further when large international events—such as corporate board meetings and conferences—are held in Tokyo.

Mr Shinji Hanai, Director, IT Department, Imperial Hotel, Ltd., is laser-focused on the guest experience, saying, “Looking beyond the Imperial Hotel’s outstanding image and luxury, our top priority is simple: A guarantee of safety and comfort for every guest.”

This guiding principle allows for no exceptions—and can be observed in the rooms, services, facilities, top-class dining, and even the hotel’s Wi-Fi. In addition to guest rooms, the hotel’s Wi-Fi support extends to conference and exhibition facilities, banquet rooms, restaurants, lobbies, hallways, and a pool.

  • Improve the overall guest experience
  • Offer consistent and high-performance Wi-Fi performance, with minimal downtime
  • Enable easy and efficient management of network infrastructure
  • Improve both net
  • RUCKUS® Virtual SmartZone
  • RUCKUS ICX switches
  • RUCKUS indoor and outdoor access points (APs)
  • Interference problems dropped to zero
  • RUCKUS system has led to a substantial reduction in operating costs
  • Seamless roaming and a great improvement in internet speed
To learn more about this project:

 Download the full case study

To learn more about this project:

 Download the full case study