Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT)

Mountain-top Jaypee University connects with peak performance

Jaypee University

At northern India’s Jaypee University of Information Technology (JUIT), advanced fiber-optic networking is integral to a world-class learning environment. Founded in 2000, JUIT’s sprawling three-tiered Waknaghat campus encompasses over 7,000 sq meters of challenging terrain in need of a robust network to support campus venues and users. The campus ranges from student classrooms and laboratories to dormitories and a sports center—from administrative offices, auditoriums and a library to faculty residences and a large civil engineering department.

To provide the connection speed and network security vital to this diverse landscape, the university’s IT team turned to CommScope for a uniquely powerful, comprehensive mixed fiber and Wi-Fi solution.

  • The rugged topography underlying the extensive school grounds resulted in spotty connectivity at many locations across the campus.
  • Mobile network performance and quality were chronically inadequate for users attempting to access educational material and submit assignments wirelessly while on and off campus.
  • To build a new benchmark in emerging technologies like IT and biotechnology, the campus community required a future-proof network that could easily scale almost without limit.
  • Over 160 RUCKUS® indoor APs
  • ICX 7650/ 7150/ 7250 switches
  • SmartZone network controller
  • 4 kilometers of fiber-optic cable
  • The fiber network combines with wireless connectivity to deliver ubiquitous accessibility and reliable performance for more than 5,000 students and faculty.
  • With the growing prevalence of multimedia, the network can seamlessly scale to support the university’s growing data and voice traffic, IP camera transmissions, wireless devices and other connected services.
  • The cost-effective, scalable infrastructure enables an automated ERP system that has transformed operational efficiency across the university’s 18 major functions.
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