Lush Cosmetics

Unleashing Smart Wi-Fi in Flagship Hong Kong Store

The retail landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years, especially with the boom of the online retailer and the proliferation of smart devices. With the rise of e-commerce and the ease in which new players can enter the online market, traditional retailers are seeking means to maintain control and keep consumers walking through the door.

Leading retailers are moving towards a more digital and connected customer experience in order to remain relevant in today’s environment. From mobile apps and shopping to analytics and social media, the customer journey is being reimagined. All of these innovations are driving a new hybrid instore / digital shopping experience, which will connect everything from physical and online stores to mobile and social engagement.

The Challenges

Established in the UK in 1995, Lush is well-known for its fresh handmade products, ranging from bath and hair products to skin care and cosmetics. Part of the appeal of the Lush brand lies in their innovative design and branding of their retail stores, as well as its excellent customer service. Currently Lush has over 900 shops in 49 countries, with nine stores throughout Hong Kong.

  • Fast and reliable high speed Wi-Fi access
  • High performance and high capacity Wi-Fi network to support up to 60 people in 1 hour
  • Great wireless connectivity that mitigates interference and performs well in high density environments
  • A high quality service to elevate and complete the customer experience by offering free Wi-Fi to it’s customers
  • Deployed 5 RUCKUS® R500 Unleashed 802.11ac controller-less access points
  • Ensured a smooth internal operation of the flagship store
  • Enhanced the customer experience in store
  • Increased customer engagement and enhanced their experience
  • Significantly reduced upfront costs as separate controllers and access point licenses are no longer needed
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