Myanmar Net

Delivering Affordable, Reliable and Pervasive Connectivity to a Nation

Myanmar is a developing nation that has recently shifted its economic focus to the digital space, to build a knowledge-based economy and deliver higher-value products and services. This lofty ambition aligns with Myanmar Net’s mission of delivering top-quality and affordable digital connectivity to the masses.

The Challenge

Reliable connectivity is a challenge for any developing country, and Myanmar is no different. To deliver effective and affordable connectivity to the masses, Myanmar Net chose to explore the use of carrier-grade Wi-Fi technologies.

To achieve their ambitious goals of pervasive connectivity, deploying a high density of APs was required. However, this can also lead to higher chances of interference, which undermines reliability and performance. In addition, the installation process needed to be simple as Myanmar currently faces a shortage of skilled workers, which affects deployment timelines. More importantly, the equipment used must be able to handle the extreme summer temperatures and monsoon weather in Myanmar, while also being resilient to withstand frequent electricity outages and fluctuating voltages from a dated power grid. Finally, the solution must be scalable and reliable as connectivity reaches to more and more residents outside of the two major cities.

  • Build a network infrastructure able to deliver high-speed internet services.
  • Provide access to affordable and high-quality internet connectivity, as well as digital information services for consumers and businesses in Myanmar.
  • Deliver easy-to-install access points (APs) able to handle high population density, changing weather conditions, and power grid situations.
  • RUCKUS® H500, H320 wired and wireless wall switches
  • RUCKUS R300, R500 and T300 Wi-Fi APs
  • RUCKUS SmartCell Gateway 200 WLAN controller
  • Provide both consumers and businesses with high-speed internet that reaches up to 62 Mbps speeds, priced affordably to compete with existing data plans from mobile carriers.
  • Reduce operating costs by implementing bandwidth sharing across the entire coverage area, while maintaining superior connectivity for customers using data-intensive applications.
  • Deliver high-quality performance, while maintaining reliability to support all customer requirements, regardless of indoor or outdoor coverage.
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