Yogyakarta State University (YSU)

Staff and Students See Faster and More Secure Wi-Fi From RUCKUS® Deployment

Yogyakarta State University (YSU) is located on the Indonesian island of Java. The university provides study programs covering common majors such as math, engineering, Indonesian language and literature with faculties in Education, Languages and Arts, Mathematics and Sciences, Social Sciences, Engineering, Sports Science, Economics and a Graduate School. YSU currently teaches more than 30,000 students and has around 2,000 faculty members and staff. Like every modern university, wireless internet access is critical.

The Challenges

Prior to the deployment of RUCKUS Wireless technology, the YSU network was difficult to manage and had some security issues. For example, students and staff were accessing a common network, which resulted in the occasional misuse of others’ accounts, and IT staff at the university found themselves spending three hours a day dealing with simple matters such as password resets.

If there was any issue relating to IT, students and staff needed to report it by going to the Computer Office in person, as opposed to being able to report it online. Any network problems had to be dealt with in person and there was no single security system. The capacity was also very limited: one access point could only handle 20 connected devices at a time.

  • A secure network which was easy to manage, even remotely
  • Faster, more stable connectivity to facilitate new e-learning methods
  • Enough bandwidth to cater to usage on mobile devices
  • Deployed 100 RUCKUS Access Points
  • Deployed 2 RUCKUS ZoneDirector Controllers
  • Great access to e-learning tools
  • Faster and more secure Wi-Fi for students and staff
  • Increased user satisfaction and fewer complaints
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